Corporate Wellness

Dance & Fitness workshops for corporate wellness

DANCE & FITNESS PROGRAM: We provide training in dance forms like – Jazz, HipHop, Contemporary, House, Bharatnatyam etc. Our Fitness classes are – Aerobics, Zumba, Aqua Zumba Masala Bhangra, Dance For Fitness along with Authentic Indian YOGA. We have a specially designed workshop called "Body and Mind Coordination". You can read more about this unique workshop here: Body & mind Coordination .
We believe that a fit mind is as important as a fit body and so we have workshops that specialize in Body-Mind fitness through dance, breathing exercises and meditation. The Body & Mind Fitness session are specially designed for corporate clients to give them a cool way to de-stress and be fit at the same time. We offer a specially designed curriculum, where each employee can choose their preferred dance style and a customised fitness regime.
All our trainers have many years of experience in their creative fields. Our Personalized program is carefully designed to meet individual needs through the eyes of the expert. We have the best team to provide the most amazing training. Our goal is to provide the best talent resources and training to meet the ever growing needs of our esteemed patrons. Our main aim is to not only create a dance culture and sports atmosphere but also to inspire every employee to be fit and to get them a happy and relaxed time where they can learn something and have fun at the same time with our modified programs to be offered. Dance With Chirag™ (DWC) in association with Vision Sports Reconnect Pvt Ltd has jointly come up with Dance with Fitness as well as Sports Training which will help incorporate a fitness culture.